the gift

Looking into the core essence of the gift notion and understanding in the society today, I got very interested into the part of personalism that gives particular emphasis on the social (relational) nature of the person. The aspect of reciprocity that is so strongly underlined by Mauss offers a sound base for the complex human relationships and a balance but through this project I am mostly interested in the role of gift as an agency between the artistic experience, the artist and the sitter. The core thinking behind that decision is pointing at the notion that once an artwork is bound to a monetary value it becomes something else, it is charged with an additional property. It can be taken as another kind of monetary merit and  by this association obfuscate the relational aesthetic ability to connect on a pure base with the viewer. Offering the works to the sitters, I wish to offer them the chance to see themselves through the work, from another perspective, in stillness and silence. The reason I offer them as gifts is that the sitters have offered me something very special that I tried then to capture, I studied (through my work) their body language and I made stories about their relationships. The gift is giving something back to them with the hope that they will feel that they are a vital part of the human community and will look up to the fact that everyone’s individual role in this universal network is invaluable. By this decision I do not wish to undervalue and diminish the merit of the work. It is precisely the character of the study that I wish to leave untouched and dissociated from the value property.


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