private view

The final show of my Master’s degree, “to be discussed” private view on 10th September 2015, in the Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom.

“to be discussed exhibits four artists whose work displays extraordinary focus and enquiry at the edges of the tangible, identifying particular moments of fleeting but intense experience. Through such concentrated, focussed work, these artists ask us – the audience – to consider if these brief moments are perhaps the most important moments in understanding the human condition. Instants of grieving for the tragedies of our shared history, or of one’s own intimate biography. Gestures of celebrating our community in its everyday variety and tracing our capacity to both heal and memorialise: meetings, losses, loves, accidents and tragedies, passers by, aftermath, and deferred beginnings. These are the kinds of intensely specific experiences we all share, but find challenging to interpret and explore in visual language. It is this highly complex and challenging seam of life that these artists mine.”

Dr Catherine Burge, University of Lincoln


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