in the every day

Sculpture in our life. Why do we not choose to include sculpture in our household as much as we do with paintings, music and other forms of art / art objects? Is this a matter of fashion, a notion of elitism, or simply have we forgotten all about it? Art and design play a major part in our every day life. We rarely choose to share our space with a sculpture. I choose the word “share” because I am lately thinking figurative art as part of my every day environment. We make a different connection to figurative art than we do with other forms of art.

How do we “read” a sculpture? Is this like reading literature?

Nomatei creates an environment where scenarios grow, subjective stories unfold and theatrical direction take place. The following installation provides an example, which is part of the Nomatei group. (private commission)

IMG_5246sm IMG_5245sm IMG_5247sm IMG_5248sm IMG_5250sm IMG_5251sm IMG_5244sm


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