Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 – Long listed!

I am excited to be one of the 100 artists to be presented in the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 and offered the opportunity to showcase my work to a wider audience.
Aesthetica Art Prize 2016 List


private view

The final show of my Master’s degree, “to be discussed” private view on 10th September 2015, in the Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom.

“to be discussed exhibits four artists whose work displays extraordinary focus and enquiry at the edges of the tangible, identifying particular moments of fleeting but intense experience. Through such concentrated, focussed work, these artists ask us – the audience – to consider if these brief moments are perhaps the most important moments in understanding the human condition. Instants of grieving for the tragedies of our shared history, or of one’s own intimate biography. Gestures of celebrating our community in its everyday variety and tracing our capacity to both heal and memorialise: meetings, losses, loves, accidents and tragedies, passers by, aftermath, and deferred beginnings. These are the kinds of intensely specific experiences we all share, but find challenging to interpret and explore in visual language. It is this highly complex and challenging seam of life that these artists mine.”

Dr Catherine Burge, University of Lincoln

This is all I’m going to say, you know what I mean

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“This is all I’m going to say, you know what I mean’ is a touring group exhibition that brings together artists based in the UK and in China. The first stop will be in Project Space Plus, Lincoln, with a wide range of artistic expression, by seven contemporary artists – Steve Dutton, John France, Chunmei Liu, Fang Lu, Mengmei Zheng, Tao Zhang and Eleni Zevgaridou. Their artworks range across traditional oil paintings, multi media works, Chinese ink paintings and contemporary sculptures, with a common theme of commenting on opacity in language, particularly in a spirit of critical realism. An opportunity for cross-fertilisation between artists from the UK and China, the project will continue in Beijing and Tangshan in China.

This title implies a particular phenomenon in the field of Chinese Contemporary Art — although the Chinese contemporary art is influenced by almost every branch of European art, yet there’s one piece is missing — the text-based art with literal meaning. Only a few Chinese artists’ works involved in text-based art (such as Xu Bing’s Tianshu), but their text are always without any real character or literal meaning, they only do them in visual art. 

One of the reasons of this phenomenon is the political background in China — the government doesn’t allow people to speak freely. If there’s any critical word in an artwork, the artist might face to a risk of being punished. Therefore the Chinese artists tend to express their critical minds only in visual artworks. Audience would only get the message from the artists by studying the image, instead of get it directly from the literal text.

As to the artworks from the Chinese artists in this exhibition, all of their works expressed a positive critical-realism spirit — the struggling from the modernized society, the anger of damaged environment by the over-speed industrial development, the worrying for the dark side of the human nature, etc. The strong visual impact from their works descripts different stories in China.

Besides the Chinese artists, British artist Steve Dutton brings his text-based artworks to the exhibition, express his ideas to the audience directly with text. Since text-based art with literal meaning is still a field yet to be found in China, the contrast and communication between visual art vs. text art and Chinese contemporary art vs. British contemporary art become very attractive.

So the title “this is all I’m going to say, you know what I mean” is an explanation of this phenomenon — “you can figure out my words from the image, but I won’t speak out or write it down, you know what I mean because you know it as well. “

The Purdah Press – 10 artists respond to democracy

What is democracy? How do artists respond to this notion, and does this differ from practitioners in other fields? In this proposal there will be given an outline for a curatorial project called DEMOCRARTCY. The underlying idea of the proposed project is the notion of democracy, which is currently a much discussed topic.

The project aimed at the production of a newspaper in which several artists were asked to give a response to the notion of democracy. Alongside the art works, several people from other working fields were interviewed about art and democracy.

The artists: Holly Bowler, Thomas Cuthbertson, Patricia Ferguson, Mustafa Hulusi, JCHP (Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock) , Danica Maier, Gerard Williams, Eleni Zevgaridou. Curator: Danielle Bastiaens

DEMOCRARTCY2The Purdah Press was handed out in Lincoln on General Election Day, 7 May 2015



British Human Computer Interaction 2015


Our daily program is totally depended to electronic tools and media as our personal interaction with other people is mostly driven by technology. Observation of the people surrounding us has decreased so much. I dare say that we are absorbed by the touch screens which are about to become an extension of our hands.

I examine and demonstrate work in which hand made, minumental, representational, full body portraits of individuals are created.  The familiarity of the human figure  bridge the cognitive chasm between the viewer and the object, therefore the understanding improves. The viewer connects easily with the object and the object seize to be an object. It becomes the mould of our perception, facilitates understanding of an issue, bridge voids, balances chaos, stands for itself and leads, the viewer’s imagination to make subjective scenarios, reflections.

My investigation is about a complex web of interactions which take place in the process, between agencies which might traditionally understood as artist, subject, viewer, participant, recipient, audience and object. In times when social media offer the power to every individual to promote and publicise his/hers lifestyle, personality, thoughts and so much more, at an instance, 3D scanning and printing introduce an extra dimension to representational depiction: What  sculpture has to offer ? Its stillness to remind as to stop for a minute and think, dream, fly to another dimension, see things from another perspective.